13 kW Electrical Power and 29 kW Thermal Power CHP Gas Unit


Hours Run: zero Un-Used
Year of Commission: 2007
Condition: As New


Year & Manufacture: 2007 Toyota
Model:XRG1 13G-TO
Cylinder Disposition: 4 IN LINE


Year & Manufacture:2007 E C Power
KW: 13
P.F.: 0.8
Volts: 400
Cycles: 50
R.P.M.: 1500


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Additional Information

Manufactured by E C Power, Model XRG1 13G-TO, Powered by a 4 Cylinder Toyota engine , 16 kVA, 50 Hz, 1500 RPM, 400V, Year 2007, hours Zero Un-Used, condition As New. 49 dBA@1M.

The Engine runs on Natural gas, Propane, Butane (LPG)

The system consists of 3 components, The Power unit plus (engine), The Q (Heat distributor, space, or water heating), the IQ (Central unit, control panel).

This unit can parallel with other similar units.

The efficiency of this unit is 96%, the CHP system can capture the wasted energy to be used for a space heating or producing hot water.

Dimensions: L = 123 Cm W= 77 Cm H= 129 Cm Weight= 400 Kg.