Cost of Generators and Fuel

The costs for all types of Generators is very Varied for instance we at Eagle offer over 60 different models of Diesel Generators and possibly 15 Models of Gas Generators. The Diesel model is cheaper as regards Capital investment than the Gas model, but both have Different Character advantages. For instance, Diesel Fuel is probably less expensive than Gas however in 2022 there could be a change in the Purchase of “Red Diesel” taxes could be increased.

Diesel Units are normally used within the Standby Market because of the Load Acceptance of Diesel Engines. These models might only operate in case of an emergency shutdown by the Local Grid (electrical supplier) for instance over the years we have seen as little as an average of 20 hours per year usage. The Gas unit is most economically viable if it is running 24 hours daily and probably uses Combined heat and power say for some care homes hospitals and large Factories.


Most models operate on between 80 % and 95 % Efficiency the Manufacturers like Perkins, Cummins, Caterpillar, Volvo, Scania and MTU are just a few of the Engine Manufacturers.


Most gensets carry warranties ranging from one year to five years and can for a price extend this time. Any New Product providing it is serviced regularly can last for many years. In some Hospitals, their Gensets can last for around 20 Years.


There is a multitude of uses such as Hospitals, Care Homes, Department Stores, Factories, Fire Stations, Schools, Universities, Hire Units for the Construction Industry. Eagle has a Huge Market Overseas to name a few. Nigeria, Kenya, Uganda, Ethiopia, Sudan, Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, China, Taiwan, The Philippines and Malaysia plus Vietnam and surrounding areas.


Gensets come with two Basic options Open Frame variety or the Genset is enclosed within an Acoustic or Weatherproof Canopy or Container. The standard Level for Acoustic Gensets is 85 Decibels at one metre although for some sites it can be as low as 60 decibels at one metre. Here at Eagle most of our noise levels are 75 to 85 decibels at one metre although on occasions we have built 65 Decibel Gensets. An open frame set emits around 109 to 116 decibels per metre.

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