The cause of the problems suffered by BA at the end of May (cf “Power Supply Issue Grounds BA“), when IT systems crashed causing disruption to thousands of passengers, seems to have been narrowed down.

In the immediate aftermath BA CEO Alex Cruz talked about a power supply surge at its Boadicea House data centre.  Speculation at the time centred on problems with the back-up generators at the data centre.  Now, according to IT news source The Register, it seems that the facility’s UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) may have been the culprit.  UPS is intended to provide power for the few minutes it takes to get the back-up generators running at full speed, as well as finessing the supply to the correct voltage.

In this instance a UPS problem would either mean that the data centre lost power for a few moments or that the server racks suffered a power overload and were damaged.

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