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KVA Model 50Hz Engine Alternator LTS Panel MCCB Open Sets Acoustic Sets
15 C17D5 X2.5G2 Pl044G P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
20 C22D5 X2.5G2 Pl144D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
25 C28D5 X2.5G2 Pl144E P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
30 C33D5 X3.3G1 Pl144G P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
35 C33D5 X3.3G1 Pl144H P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
40 C44D5 S3.8G4 UC224C P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
50 C55D5 S3.8G6 UC224D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
60 C66D5 S3.8G7 UC224F P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
90 C90D5 6BTA5.9G5 UCI224G P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
100 C110D5 6BTA5.9G5 UCl274C P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
135 C150D5 6BTA5.9G2 UCl274E P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
155 C170D5 6BTA5.9G2 UCl274F P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
182 C200D5 QSB7G5 UCl274H P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
200 C220D5 QSB7G5 UCl274H P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
227 C250D5 6CTAA8.3G2 UCD274J P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
250 C275D5 QSL9G5 UCD274K P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
275 C300D5 QSL9G5 HC14D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
300 C330D5 QSL9G5 HC14D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
640 C700D5 VTA28G5 HC6F P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
750 C825D5A VTA28G6 HC6G P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
820 C900D5 QSK23G3 HC6H P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
939 C1000D5 QST30G3 HC6J P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
1000 C1100D5B KTA38G5 HC6K P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
1250 C1400D5 KTA38G3 P734B P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
1400 C1675D5 KTA50G8 P734D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
1500 C1675D5A KTA50GS8 P734D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
1600 C1760D5E QSK60GS3 P734D P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
1875 C200D5 QSK60G3 P734F P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
2000 C2250D5 QSK60G4 P734G P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
2250 QSK60-G4 Pl 734F1 P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
2500STBY C2500D5A QSK60G8 P734G P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
2500 C2750D5 QSK78G9 LVS1804R P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A
2750 C3000D5 QSK78G9 LVSl804R P.O.A inc P.O.A P.O.A

Background History of Cummins Inc

Cummins Inc were founded in 1919 in Columbus, Indiana which is where both their corporate and global headquarters are. The company currently has a global workforce of over 61k.

The company is split into 4 core business sectors or segments which include; engine segment, power systems segment (which include their power generators), component segment and distribution segment.

Despite the company being a big powerhouse, they maintain strong links with Europe, in particular, with their engine and generator set range of products.

As with other major power generation companies, Cummins Inc place huge emphasis on building clean and efficient engines with climate change being a t the forefront of their business strategy. You can read their Planet 2050 next generation environmental sustainability strategy here

Eagle Generators and Cummins

Eagle Generators offer a wide range of Cummins diesel generators with power ranging from 7.5 kVA up to 2250 kVA. We offer both new or used and even if we don’t have your exact requirements in stock, we are experts in sourcing detailed specifications in order to match your needs.

So, no matter whether you are looking to run power tools on a commercial or construction site, provide a backup power source for vital services such as a hospital operating theatre or use as a complete power solution in a farming environment, then there is certainly a Cummins generator to match your needs.

Eagle Generators are proud to have such a good working relationship with Cummins; we supply both locally (in the UK) and we are a well-regarded international distributor of both new and used Cummins diesel generators.

We have over 35 combined years’ experience in the supply of generators and can listen to your needs and answer questions on various related topics.

Should you need advice on choosing the right generator, emissions standards, operating conditions etc., do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Spare Generator Parts

We hold stock of many Cummin genset spare parts, however, we cannot guarantee to have your exact requirement due to the number of different generator types and individual parts.

Fortunately, due to our long-standing reputation in the generator industry, we have formed many valuable business relationships and contacts meaning we can quite often acquire the necessary part in a short space of time to help you get back running your business.

Current Stock at Eagle Generators

Eagle Generators offers a wide selection of new and used Cummins diesel generators and diesel engines. Take a look at what is available by following the links below.

If you are unsure which generator is most suitable for you, or do not see a generator that suits your requirements, contact us and we’d be happy to help you through the process.

Our Mission

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and over the years we have generated many satisfied customers. We achieved this success due to our unrivalled knowledge, vast experience and friendly nature when dealing with customers both old and new.

Our aim is to continue to provide this exceptional friendly service, to offer information and advice to help a customer make the right purchase decision. And it doesn’t stop there, we offer the same after-sales service because we believe in ‘once a customer, always a customer’

To fully check stock availability, please call us on 0121 557 0270 or you can email us at;