FG Wilson

165 165-5 Perkins 1006-70TAG2 Marelli Alternator P.O.A P.O.A
150 P150-5 Perkins 1006A-70TAG1 Marelli Alternator P.O.A P.O.A
110 P110-3 Perkins 1104-44TAG2 Marelli Alternator P.O.A P.O.A
65 P65-5 Perkins 1103A-33TAG2 Marelli Alternator P.O.A P.O.A
50 P50-3 Perkins 1103A-33TAG1 Marelli Alternator P.O.A P.O.A
33 P33-3 Perkins 110031-33G1 Marelli Alternator P.O.A P.O.A
22 P22-6 Perkins 404D-22G Leroy Sommer Alternator P.O.A P.O.A

Originally founded by Freddy Wilson in Belfast, Northern Ireland, FG Wilson have become a global business in the manufacture and supply of diesel generators. They currently employ of 3000 staff worldwide and can boast of over 45 years’ experience in the industry.

The product range available from FG Wilson ranges from 6.8 to over 2,500 kVA and includes both open and enclosed gensets which can provide prime and stand-by power.

The power modules available is wide-ranging, covering a multitude of requirements, from residential or domestic use right through to the capability of operating as complete power stations providing electricity to national grids.

FG Wilson generators offer exceptional value for money, they guarantee maximum efficiency and productivity. They offer a range of different settings depending on the set up you require.

We have an excellent relationship with FG Wilson and have an extensive range of new diesel generators for sale at competitive prices. We are also experts is advising you on the correct power requirements ensuring you choose the right product

New generators always carry a manufacturer’s warranty of up to 2 years.

If you wish to find out more about FG Wilson products, we are always happy to discuss and advise.

Please contact us on 0121 557 0270 or email; sales@kw1.com