About Perkins Diesel Generators

Eagle Generators can supply a large range of brand new Perkins diesel generators that range in power from 7.5 kVA up to 2250 kVA.
Whether you are looking for a generator to run power tools onsite, as a backup for vital services or as a complete electrical power solution, we have the right Perkins generator for you.
Perkins is one of the world’s leading suppliers of power generators. Perkins is a UK based company that has been in the business of diesel engines/generators for over 80 years.
The company pride themselves on their high standards of engineering, as well as, the high specification and the reliability of the products that they produce.
Perkin’s generators set out their philosophy in their mission statement: “We create value for our customers and distributors by providing competitive and dependable industrial power solutions.”
Perkins is also proud of their environmental efforts and is a socially responsible company.
Perkins generators are suitable for commercial, construction, industrial, agricultural and residential power generation and there is sure to be a Perkins generator to suit your needs.

Eagle Generators as Distributors

Eagle Generators are your local and international distributors of new and used Perkins generators.
We have over 40 years’ experience in the supply of generators and can listen to your needs and answer questions on various related topics.
Should you need advice on choosing the right generator, emissions standards, operating conditions etc., do not hesitate to contact us with questions.

Perkins Generators Warranty

Perkins generators come with a standard warranty of up to two years or 3000 hours, usually whichever comes first.
If you are looking for a generator as a source of warmth, light, and protection, make Eagle Generators your first choice for Perkins generators, as we will certainly stock the perfect Perkins generator for you.

Current Stock at Eagle Generators

Eagle Generators offers a wide selection of new and used Perkins generators and diesel engines. Take a look at what is available by following the links below.
If you are unsure which generator is most suitable for you, or do not see a generator that suits your requirements, contact us and we’d be happy to help you through the process.

Please call to fully check stock availability 0121 557 0270 or email us [email protected]

From 7 kVA to 2500 kVA:

Perkins / Stamford New Diesel Generators

kVA Eng Type Alt Type Amps Accoustic Open
7.5 403D-11G P04DD 25
12 403D-15G P044F 25
20 404D-22G P144D 41
25 1103A-33G P144E 41
27.5 1103A-33G P144F 55
30 1103A-33G P144G 55
40 1103A-33TG1 P144J 82
45 1103A-33G UCI224D 82
60 1103A-33TG2 UCI-224E 100
65 1104A-44TG1 UCI224F 100
80 1104A-44TAG1 UCI224G 145
100 1104C-44TAG2 ICI274C 182
135 1106A-70TG1 UCI274E 250
150 1106A-70TAG2 UCI274F 250
180 1106C-E66TAG4 UCI-274H 318
200 1306A-E87TAG3 UCI274H 318
250 1306A-EA87TAG3 UCD247K 318
300 1606A-E93TAG5 HCI 444D 500
350 2206A-E13TAG2 HCI 444E 636
400 2206A-E13TAG2 HCI 444F 636
450 2506A-E15TAG1 HCI-544C 727
500 2506A-E15TAG3 HCI 544D 909
600 2806A-E15TAG1A HCI 544E 1000
650 2806A-E18TAG2 HCI 544F 1000
745 4006C-23TAG2A HCI 634G 1250
800 4006C-23TAG3A HCI 634G 1250
910 4008-TAG1A HCI 634H 1600
1000 4008-TAG2A HCI 634J 1600
1250 4012-46TWG2A PI 734B 2000
1360 4012-46TWG3A PI 734B 2500
1500 4012-46TAG2A PI 734C 2500
1700 4012-46TAG3A PI 734E 3200
1840 4016TAG1A PI 734E 3200
2000 4016TAG2A PI 734F 3200
2250 4016-61TAG3A PI 734G 3200

Perkins / Meccalte New Diesel Generators

KVA Eng Type Alt Type Amps Acoustic Open
7.5 403D-11G P0 44D 25
9 403D-11G ECP282-VS/4 25
13 403D-15G ECP28-O/24 25
20 404D-22G ECP28-M/4 41
25 11-03A-33G ECP28-2L/4 41
30 1103A-33G ECP28-VL/4 55
45 1103A-33TAG1 ECO32-1L/4 82
60 1104A-33TAG2 EC032-2L/4 100
65 1104A-44TAG1 ECO32-3L/4 100
80 1104C-44TAG1 ECP32-4L/4 145
100 1104C ECP34-2S/4 182
140 1006TAG ECP34-2L/4 250
150 1006TAG2 ECP34-2L/4 250
180 1106C-E66TAG4 ECO38-1SN 318
200 1306A-E87TAG3 ECO38-2SN 318
250 1306A E93TAG5 ECO38-1LN 409
300 1606A E93TAG5 ECO38-2LN 500
350 2206A-E13TAG2 ECO38-3LN 636