Used 5.6 MVA Wartsila Mini Power station for sale


Hours Run: 500 & 2500
Year of Commission: 1996
Condition: As New


Year & Manufacture: 1996 Wartsila
Cylinder Disposition: TURBO V 12


Year & Manufacture: 1996 ABB
Model:ALPC S60 LD4
Volts: 415/240
P.F.: 0.8
Cycles (Hertz): 50


Additional Information

Originally installed in 1995 by Wartsila for Nice Airport in France, the units were primarily back up
generators to the airport but occasionally ran as peak loading sets. As would be expected with critical
airport installations the sets have undergone all necessary service and maintenance checks throughout
their life and were in excellent working order when they were decommissioned in 2014.
The power plant consists of 2 x 2800 kVA units complete with individual control panels and a common
panel enabling load sharing and synchronising between the sets. Air blast coolers, bellows, exhaust
silencers, anti-vibration mounts, air start compressors and ancillary equipment are also included within
the sale.
A full compliment of manuals consisting of , electrical schematics, 2 x engine parts and maintenance
manuals, 2 x electrical control and regulation manuals, electrical controllers, PLC controls, wiring
diagrams, alternator and transformer manuals, GA’s + Ancillaries as well as a cable schedules and
further wiring diagrams.